The face behind ZIMD

Lars Zimmermann graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg in architecture. In 2005 he emigrated to The Netherlands, where he was working for many years in the field of brand architecture and live communication. Meanwhile he built up a vast experience on multidisciplinary projects as a project architect for all sorts of clients and tasks having one thing in common: a unique multi sensory spatial experience.


Company background

In 2011 it was time for something new:
passionate to contribute his own vision on the wide range of architecture, Lars started up ZIMD.
Working successfully for brands and design agencies eversince, Lars has built up a huge portfolio and knowledge on each aspect of brand architecture;
effective, integrating and always with a charming twist.


"I believe in design can make the difference:It’s not about the shape, it’s about you and your story."

ZIMD creates the space to get in touch with your clients:
on events, trade fairs, exhibitions and interiors.
ZIMD translates the soul of your company into an emotional spatial story: inviting, memorable & sensual!

Everyone has a story to tell, so what’s yours?

Lars Zimmermann has worked for:
CANON  /  Der Spiegel Verlag  /  ERCO  /  Febi  /  Fraunhofer Institut  /  Ghostbike  /  Herman Miller  /  HSH-Nordbank  /  IKEA  /  Kölnmesse  /  Marc Aurel  /  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands  /  OBO Bettermann  /  OPEL  /  Palmberg AG  /  RAUSCH Schokolade / Regionalverband Ruhr  /  Ritter-Sport  /  Sandtler Carparts  /  SCHIPHOL Group - Amsterdam Airport  /  SKS-Germany  /  TUI  / Unilever  /  VitrA  /  Vodafone  /  Volkswagen  /  ZDF